Friday, July 19, 2019

2019 - An Update. Happy Birthday and New Projects

Tomorrow is my birthday (20th July) and so, by way of a celebration, I will give birth to a new era of personal filmmaking activity.

This year, up to July, I have already completed four movies with one being an animation. In my last blog post I expressed misgivings about how they ‘went’.  Maybe I’m my harshest critic; maybe I should relax a little, I don't know. Filmmaking is often synonymous with anguish and stress. That’s not to say it isn’t fun, it most definitely is. However, the pay-off should be rewarding or at least feel so! But on recent movies, it has been difficult and I've been left thinking that much needs to improve. I've certainly been frustrated and I definitely need to feel better about the finished film. Even before a well-earned break, which took me to Greece and then across the East Coast and Midwest of the US, I was already well aware of the issues with my recent productions. Oddly, for a break, I managed to write two new treatment ideas and edit two ‘big’ short films.

Anyway, by way of correction, I have discussed these issues with my filmmaking cohorts and we are all equally agreed on a way forward. Perhaps there’s no real point in elaborating too much on specifics, but apart from the lack of any funding (which I guess everyone has to deal with and will undoubtedly continue), several things have been addressed. Now it’s just a case of putting them into action…

So, what's next?

I have 15 short film scripts. Ridiculous, really… Some I favour more than others. Some are easier to make (in theory). I am prolific and writing excites me… Thinking visually excites me... So, finishing a film should film me with the same, if not more, excitement. I have discussed these ideas and scripts with my production team and they are excited about certain scripts too, so naturally these are the ones which have got he ‘green light’.

Scripts I’ve written…

Scripts we’ve decide on…

Hokum – Mythical drama within a seedy underworld. A stylish offering with great opportunities for extravagant production design and wardrobe. A unique concept and potentially (most likely) one of Korky Films’ longest movies yet, at around 12-15 minutes. 

From Beer to Alternity – Odd. Surrealistic but grounded with a nice hook; a comedic denouement. This could mark my return to acting… Jeez!

These choices don’t mean the others aren’t any good, it’s just that practicalities – of all kinds – need to be objectively discussed in accordance with those excitement levels. Put it this way, it’s no good getting overly excited about that bike you’ve asked for as a Christmas present, when dad’s lost his job and mum doesn’t work. An adjustment of what’s practical and fits ‘right now’ needs to occur. Scripts need to be developed further and workshopped. What can’t be achieved today might be achievable later. We’re in a period of adjustment and steep learning. So, what is required right now is something compelling, potentially great and highly achievable, within the confines of budget and crew availability. There also needs to be some confidence restored. We need to get back in the groove. What’s great is that the ‘team’ all feel the need to get right ‘back on that horse.’ 

Here’s hoping I can actually start to feel some accomplishment with my work going forward.

Saddle up… 

In other news, Wake-Up Call which definitely needs a decent budget to have any chance of getting made, is now very close to being submitted for funding. We shall see. An application will be made on 5th August.

Stay tuned!

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