Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Movie News

Preparation continues for A Sort of Burial with final tests being conducted at the weekend. We can only hope for weather like we've had this Easter break to help us. Shooting begins on Sunday 5th May. The cast and crew are excited and (nearly) ready.

Switch has gone a little quiet but there's been so much activity elsewhere that preparation for this has had to take a back seat. I am, unfortunately, guilty of taking on too much. However, this year, I did start out with a strong, ambitious plan to really achieve and push my movie making endeavours forward. I'm not broken yet and, nearly five months in, I'm still full of enthusiasm so, so far so good! Besides, Switch was pretty much already set when we had to postpone due to location issues at the easier, proposed shooting date. We're all set for June though still.

Now, onto more exciting movie news. Wake-Up Call, another passion project which has struggled for funding has now been rejuvenated with a fresh plan. We're still after funding, however, the project has now got a dedicated producer on board - Leah Solmaz of newly formed Luna Kaynak Productions. Early discussions are promising and Leah is putting a solid plan together to secure funding and gather a first-rate team to ensure the movie gets made. Our first production meeting, after some promising discussions and exchanges, will happen at the weekend. It is entirely possible that this film could begin shooting in 2019.

Happenstance, a short comedy I wrote is still very much on the slate of possible productions, but again, it is an ambitious project which will need a recognisable and significant budget to do it justice.

Stay tuned!

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