Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Slow Progress

A week on from my last update and progress is frustratingly slow. I can write quickly, but actually getting things in motion to begin meaningful pre-production is like snorkelling through glue. All very frustrating.

I'm really excited by my ideas and early script drafts, but finding decent, local actors is proving to be difficult. Early feedback on scripts has been positive with some clear favourites emerging.

One such script, The Cold Caller, is looking positive for production but it will need two strong actors - a female 18-30 and a male 30-50 to play a psychopath. Location secured. Production design sorted. Make-up artist on board. Poster designed (as it would be - I love all that stuff!)

The search continues...

Above all, as Korky Films is very active and now has a large movie slate; I'm really looking to make contact with local actors who are interested in being part of some exciting productions.

Two posts in a week. I knew I could do it :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi lee, I'm interested in the advertised role. I saw your post on Facebook. Theatre acting experience and a drama degree.