Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Happy 2020

Happy New Year. 2020 will be an interesting year for Korky Films. Plans are already being made and the first production meeting occurs next week. Last year, at this time, we had a film – The Cold Caller – in the can and ready to be edited. Since its release, the film has picked up a Best Short Film award and has been shown worldwide at genre and regular festivals, garnering some strong reviews. It is due to be shown at the Horror-On-Sea Film Festival this weekend, which is an achievement I’m very proud of. It wasn’t the only achievement last year, of course, and Waxworks Owner Fumes at Closure was the undeniable success of 2019 and still has a little while to go. 

So, what’s in the mix for the new decade? 

Hokum. Undoubtedly, my biggest movie to date, it still has a way to go in post-production before it gets released. Work has slowed down due to various other commitments and, quite simply, because I needed a rest. However, excitement is building once again, and work has steadily begun to get the movie finished. 

Wake-Up Call. I have now had several meetings with the BFI and, although the project isn’t officially funded and give the green light, we are optimistic. Discussions have occurred with a well-known and respected script advisor and, rather encouragingly, there were very notes and the script has created a nice, excitable buzz. It certainly is original and both me and Leah Solmaz, the movie’s producer, are working extremely hard to get it across the line so pre-production can begin with BFI funding. Fingers crossed. 

New projects: To be discussed. Production meeting scheduled for 16th January. 

It is likely, due to the work required on Hokum to get it finished and the likelihood of Wake-Up Call getting made, that self-funded projects will invariably take a back seat and will probably be very short (micro shorts). However, they are fun and I have three scripts (including one which has already been begun – but not finished) which I’m hopeful will be enjoyable to make and well received. Due to last year’s exertions, I am a little unwilling to commit to large-scale self-funded efforts. It is expensive, both in terms of financial outlay and emotional fuel. Whilst ambition and commitment remain voracious, I just really need to take care of my own wellbeing, including finances and mental health! 

Instead, during periods of downtime, because I won’t be able to sit still, despite taking it easier – I will be creating more art and will begin both writing and creating a new animation.

I am also committed to writing a feature film which has already created early interest.

My aim is to be more targeted with my creative endeavours and not to take on too much (unnecessary) responsibility and simply enjoy the ride! 

However, realistically, I’m unlikely to be any less busy at all… 

I’m strapping myself in to 2020 and seeing how the mop flops. Wish me luck!