Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Hokum Filming Begins and Other News

A lot of work and activity has occurred on Hokum, which is due to begin filming over 7 days, spread across three months, from today.

So far, three sets have been built out of raw materials and I am excited to see what can be created for the screen and if they work.

This is a big undertaking and as the project has gained momentum I, along with the cast and crew have been getting more and more excited. It’s tiring, so everyone’s enthusiasm has really helped on those days when I’d rather just stop, relax and do something less stressful. I’m hoping it’ll all be worth it and we have a great movie.

For now, we just need the weather to be kind, as our earlier shots all take place in exterior locations – just in time for the change in weather!

In other news, we have had a raft of festivals accept our movies The Cold Caller, Waxworks Owner Fumes at Closure and Switch. A Sort of Burial, which is, by my own admission a disappointment, was a runner-up in the Best Screenplay category at the Out of the Can Film Festival. This further proves that the writing and story was sound, but it was just the technical aspects which were lacking. Anyway, there’s no pint dwelling. Hopefully, lessons have now been learned and Hokum can be a much better, more technically accomplished movie.

Exciting times.

Stay tuned.

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