Saturday, December 22, 2018

Return from the Moon

So, after a lot of frantic activity and end of year shenanigans, Return from the Moon was finally completed. The movie is an experimental piece with a narrative hidden in some trippy (and certainly glitchy) imagery.

The synopsis of the movie is shown below.

I don't expect it to have a wide release as it won't be pushed too far, although it's being considered by several smaller scale film festivals around the world.

From a personal point of view, the aim of the movie was to chalk something up after the abandoned projects and period of inactivity. It gave me a real chance to try some new things and experiment a little with processes, workflows and techniques.

Here are a few teaser images from the movie.

Here are some 'making of' images too...

I built the space capsule by spraying a hamster ball and using recycled plastic (bottle tops, lids etc.) and 'sci-fi' Lego parts bought from eBay.