Saturday, November 17, 2018

Music a go-go! The stuff of nightmares

As work continues on the The Cold Caller and pre-production gets into full-swing, it's time for a mini-update including a fully updated teaser poster, complete with confirmed cast and crew.

Horrid and wretched supplies continue to arrive at 'Korky Films' towers and the psychopath's lair is due to take shape shortly. Photos will appear here, showing 'before' and 'after' once things get properly moving.

So far this week, Stuart Walker, has provided some wonderful voice-work for the eponymous 'The Cold Caller' and Jay Langdell is busy finishing off the movie's musical score. So far, it's sounding great!

Filming will begin in January.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Cold Caller

Work on The Cold Caller and Return from the Moon continues.

The Cold Caller is now fully cast and Stuart Walker has recorded some excellent voice-work for The Cold Caller himself. Shooting is set to begin in January but pre-production work, including lots of production design, is happening now. Conversations have taken place with key crew members and we are very excited about the movie.

For the Return of the Moon, I a now entering into a phase of classic model making. As this is more of a personal 'side' project, there are no real pressures to get this done, although I am still hopeful, even with other commitments, of having this completed before Christmas.

Finally, I have been playing around with a new idea for a sci-fi movie in a grindhouse style and have produced some test shots and approached a few people about acting roles. More news on this soon...

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Things are picking up

So, a few meetings have happened, a few more to come but things are shaping up and decisions are being made.

Although I'm cautious after recent occurrences, I think The Cold Caller will be happening soon and will hopefully be shot and edited before Christmas.

Decisions are also being made about a Kickstarter campaign, fresh from my discussions with Shooting People and Kickstarter representatives in New York. A nice little, edgy comedy called Happenstance will probably be put forward and, with a modest budget required, I'm hopeful for more success with this one.

Finally, another small project will likely get the green light soon and will be produced early next year. A Sort of Burial is a small comedy with a nice little twist and some good characters.

A recent casting campaign has yielded some great results and so I'm pretty sure we'll have some good talent involved.

Slowly, but surely, it's all picking up again...

Oh, and I've even gone back to a forgotten animation project - Return from the Moon. Things are shaping up nicely and it has some appealing visuals. More information on this soon.

Watch this (outer) space!