Monday, May 28, 2018

Scarecrow - Festivals

Scarecrow is now on its festival journey after being completed on 27th May 2018. Weighing in at a healthy 9 minutes, Jay (Jason Langdell's) edit is tight with some pleasing sound design which sells the story and vision sufficiently. I'm happy with the film, so hopefully it'll do well and get screened in lots of exiting venues.

However, as is normal for all productions (mine anyway), there are always lots of things which I wish I could have achieved, done better etc. but with what I was up against on the day; during pre-production and on the restricted budget and timescale, all of us involved should be justly proud! Nothing should diminish what has been achieved and the quality of the final movie. Everything is a learning curve and I go into my next venture with lots to bear in mind. Although frustration exists in any production, it was an enjoyable experience and I met some new and talented people.

Below is a synopsis teaser promo item...  This explains the idea and plot. The whole film is deliberately set in an ambiguous time period, with nods to classic, quintessentially British films, such as Hammer House of Horror, Tales of Unexpected and the Rocky Horror Show (without the music!)

An excellent cast, and an enthusiastic and professional crew; with a tidy and tight edit. Enjoy Scarecrow if you can.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Scarecrow - It's a wrap!

Well, filming has wrapped.

It was a long day, in blistering hot sun and we had lots to contend with; however, we got through it, had fun and we wrapped in the early evening.

Now, the next phase is, of course, the edit which is in the capable hands of Jay Langdell.

Updates will occur on Instagram, Twitter and the official Facebook movie page, here...

Here are some images from the day.